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Srysly? 'nother fuckin' Test?!? OH, kill me already..

Feb. 16th, 2017 | 02:56 pm
location: Sofa
mood: Gwwwrr!! Gwwwrr!!
music: Fuckin' Perfect by P!nk

This week. And the next week. Test...Test...and Test. Non-fukin'-stop. Until I really have to fight the urge to just jump out from the second floor of my house. If i did indeed jump, I would totally haunt my goddarn teachers for the rest of their lives! Nah, kidding. I'm scared shitless with height. But...seriously... I'm suffering and they keep giving loads (which appear to be Tests, Homework, blah..blah..blah).
SO, yesterday i had P.E. and Science. For P.E., we have to run 1.5 km. DUDE!! I WAS DIZZY AFTERWARD till i got home.
And this day, i messed anything up. I fucked up in Computer (it's about M.Excel. "WHUTTHEHELL I 'IF'). And i didnt do my best at Science. (i still havent figured out how to get the perfect image from the preparate -microscope-)
My dad was forgot to pick me up after school. So i called a taxi. If i have my own moodmeter with 0 for the minimal number, i'd say, my mood, now, has reached -23. =  There's no desire to live. -__-
Wtver. I'm gonna play Left4Dead2 with my brother. That game always makes me feel better.

smthin' appealin'

Feb. 11th, 2017 | 07:23 pm
location: bedsheet
mood: rawr wtf!! rawr wtf!!
music: grenade by bruno mars

It feels like it's been a year since d last time I opened LJ. It's not that I bored with it. But...
(1)My wifii broke down.fuckin' pissed me off. And my dad won't change it with d new one!!
(2)School has been very-very frustrating. Everyday has some tests.Try out, diagnstic, and many shits else I don't even care. Fyi, I'm a 9th grade teenager. In the end of april, I hve this 'really-final-test'. if I can't pass it, fu*k man, ah can't enter the best senior high school! Prolly, dad and mom will kick me out. Or disown me..
(3)LEFT 4 DEAD 2 !!! This game has becoming my first interest since the beginning of 2011. God, ah can't put my eyes off from the monitor when I'm playin' the games. Even though my house is in fire, maybe I don't even blink. This game ROCKS!! And the other thing is..
Gayness is everywhere! XD
In the game there's this young man. He's the youngest. He has some friends. But there's a guy, 35, loves insulting him. But dunno why, it sounds like it's the other way fo them to say "I love you" to each other.
Well, even though, in the real game, valve (the maker) paired him with a girl from left 4 dead 1. Buuuuut...in web, that young man and the 35 aged man's the first pairing in list if you search it by popularity. EVERYWHERE!! XD dude, I can't never be happy without this.
Info : the young man's name is Ellis, and the other is Nick. This pair called NELLIS!! XD it's available on LJ too! Awawaw!

I wish I could play the game together wit sm one else. Cz I'm bored playing wit my bro. From steam maybe? Cz I play it on pc. Not xbox.

The las thing I want to cry about is..
With the final test that keep coming near, I can't play it everytime!!AARRGGHH!!

Fucked Up (Raised Up)

Dec. 7th, 2015 | 11:29 pm
location: bedspread
mood: numb numb
music: Chop Suey by System Of A Down

  • My brother wont lend me his xbox 360 ( I want to play left 4 dead 2!!)
  • My sister and mom fought ( Noisy bitches..)
  • Final test from my school + special test from the department of education (I don't like studying. hehhe,)
  • Bad connection modem (pissed me off~ the most)
  • Haven't gotten a nice-well sleep (seriously, i just slept for 3 hours lately..)
  • School sucks! My friends were annoying!!!
  • I'm starting to hate my own best friend >.< cause she's slutty and doesn't care with my feeling! >.<
There are many other reasons why i feel so depressed...;_; but i'm too lazy to describe it.
I mean it, when i say "I'm so fucked up!!"

oh yeah, by the way, i'm addicted with L4D2. XD Its so amazing. More way than better than resident evil. I mean, hey... they have expression! do you know what i mean? Compare it with Leon S. Kennedy's face. (Totally doesn't have any emotion..)
And someone named Ellis (L4D2) is so-so n'aww adorable. He cant stop talking even though there're zombies in front of him. Cute, He loves talking about someone named Keith. And i cant help but 'think dirty' everytime Nick cuts his words off. Or every time they argue! They argue alot, i swear! (I consider it as the other way for them to say 'i love you'...).AWw!! My dirty mood : On
i'm hoping i'll have a dream about them this night (in a hot making out session).. XD


Aug. 11th, 2014 | 10:56 pm
location: bed
mood: *yawn* *yawn*
music: Headstrong by Trapt

" Yay! Mom bought me a new red framed glass from europe! XD Like what i wanted before. Its red. Like my last glasses. But i still love my previous.. :'( 
By the way, it reminds me bout Brendon Urie. That kid with ADHD the most adorable smile! His sissy -ness always make me drool! XD HHa! I'm weird!
i discussed bout the reason why Ry and Jon left the band with some other bullshits!Collapse )

3 days old...and....LOST! WUTDAHELL?? (didnt give me a chance to look at the brand - - ')

Jul. 7th, 2013 | 02:32 am
location: bed
mood: GRR!! GRR!!
music: Kings and Queens by 30 seconds ro mars

Why do I always lost objects that could be said valuable? And it made me believe that "expensive always lost first" term's really2 work in me.. --
From all of them, that I couldn't  at least accept is my glasses! I do not care about the HP or the DS or the camera or the others that used to be mine and used to be in my drawers!!
And I also can not be resentful of the reason I was willing for the loss of my bloved glasses. "Red full frame " .. and ... "like Brendon Urie's"
(even though i'm not sure and believe its the same one. The only thing i knew's Bren's red. so as mine..)
That's the problem. If only from the beginning I did not buy the red at a price I can not say cheap, I certainly would not be like this!
and the other odd reason. if i didnt find out bout him in his glory photo. wearing that stupid glasses... swear to god, my life would have been better than this...
With this, I blame Brendon Urie
and his sexy bitchy red glasses...!

Today's suck!!

Jul. 29th, 2012 | 07:06 pm
location: Bed
mood: Fuck! Fuck!
music: Guilty Pleasure by Cobra Starship

 Today is the suckest day ever! Beside the problem that Me and my best got into a fight, i failed at biology. Its because a bitch i so called bestfriend. She didnt bring the book for the lesson. She borrowed mine, instead she corrupted my time! TO be honest, i wasnt enjoying that time! It was an exam, and she borrowed my book! Even though, the Mrs has said, One book, one person. But what? She ignored it. And i really dont have a gut to warn her. I mean, she was the only one who wasnt bring the book.  And i felt so sorry to her. Pitiful...
I was so stupid, i gave my book to her. It made me couldnt answer the questions overall!! I regret that. But, i cant. I dont have a heart to make her sad even though its her fault. I cant! Because i dont like seeing someone sad. And i dont want make more enemies  just because i wont give her my book. Damn, i'm a coward! Since forever! Always!!

Guess what i've got from it? I didnt hear any 'thank you', or what. And....my biology exam got C. WHATTHEFUCK, BITCH??? I got more angrier after i found out that she got A. FUCK YOU, YOU DIRTY WHORE!! 

I hate her! Really-really hate this time! I disappointed at her. And i couldnt stand it everytime she looked at me with those bitchiest stares! I feel like i want to punch her on her pretty little face. Oh god, if i dont have any heart,  i wouldnt see her at school today. Because what? Because i've desire to kill her since she's being a disgusting bitch!!
"cause we all wanna party when the funeral ends
And we all get together when we bury our friends.."


Jun. 26th, 2011 | 07:24 pm
location: dining table
mood: zz zz
music: Kill All Your Friends by My Chemical Romance

m'not sure about this... --' *peace man*

Epic moment (shame moment???)

Jun. 20th, 2011 | 06:19 pm
location: corner of the room
mood: Yay! Yay!
music: Keep It Simple by Cobra Starship

Bands accidents

At 03:07 ---> Syn failed his solo (fell) 
LOL!! Its the first time i saw they've accidents on stage.. XD

Avenged New Album

Jun. 20th, 2011 | 01:47 pm
location: desk
mood: calm calm
music: Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold


with the tracklist :
1. Nightmare
2.Welcome To The Family
3.Danger Line
4. Buried Alive
5. Natural Born Killer
6. So Far Away
7.God Hates Us
9. Tonight The World Dies
10. Fiction
11. Save Me

Thats what my friends told me about their album. *awesome*
I love the cover !! XD


Jun. 4th, 2011 | 12:12 am
location: Bedroom
mood: heeks.. heeks..
music: Slow Down by The Academy Is

 Have you heard the news bout the war between Palestine and Israel?

You know, i cried when i was watching it. though Actually, i really dont give a shit to them. But the video about their war makes my heart ache. I dont like seeing war. I hate violence and so forth. 
Palestine now is just a small country.  *sighed*
That made me think how cruel they're. And, the 'they'..yeah..you know...referred to..the attacker.