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Telling Them It's All For Something Real

I hope you learn the truth, not the way things were meant to be with me and you.

11 November 1990
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o Just an ordinary person. Who really likes to do the daily activity. o The laziest in her family o Really like to mocking!! o Really2 freak out with 'cocroach'.. o Have a good friends who has a blog named :betty crooker.. o She don't bite o Dreaming she would have a child named coby (dammit!!) o Loner. but she can survive if the surrounding needs it. o Hate traditional foods!! o Hard to falling in love with a real boy. But easy to falling in love with an unreal boy. o Not a loyal fan.. o Like to eat something that unhealthy. o Like to stay up until morning o easy to get sleepy feeling.. o childhisly... (ahh...>.<) o Life of chocolate.. O Like playing The Sims3 on laptop o Not a bisexual or lesbian or anything like that. o Love a few kind of pet o Not really like to take a bath. o Not a religious person o Easy to cry (sshh....secret!!) o Wanna be a chef o Wanna know bout her further, just ask her ;) from fb, tw, or anything like that..